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Welcome to the Critical Turning Points Database

What are Critical Turning Points?

Transformative Social Innovation-processes are full of breakthroughs, setbacks and surprises. Probably all social innovation initiatives experience them, in one way or another. These decisive changes are Critical Turning Points (CTPs), defined as “moments or events in processes at which initiatives undergo or decide for changes of course” (Pel et al. 2015:25).

The database features timelines of Critical Turning Points in social innovation initiatives of the networks TRANSIT analysed. There are at least 4 initiatives analysed for each of the 20 social innovation networks. Thus this database brings together insights from more than 80 social innovation initiatives. 

The analysis of the Critical Turning Points of these initiatives is available in the 'Synthesis report: meta-analysis of critial turning points in TSI'. This analysis has contributed to the consolidation of a Theory for Transformative Social Innovation.

There is more information available on the methodology and approach in the working paper 'The critical turning points database : concept, methodology and dataset of an international Transformative Social Innovation comparison'. Please cite and use this paper as a basic reference when you are using any CTP data. 


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