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From research design to meta analysis guidelines

Authors: Pel, Bonno; Bauler, Tom; Kemp, René; Wittmayer, Julia; Avelino, Flor and Dorland, Jens
Publication date: 2015
Keywords: guidelines, research, Transformative Social Innovation

This first deliverable of Work package 5 describes the main steps that needed to be taken to move from a roughly defined research design to guidelines for meta analysis. In outlining not only the set-up for meta-analysis but also the methodological choices that led towards it, the deliverable serves two purposes.

Firstly, it provides all WP5-researchers - both case researchers and the WP5 team  - with a clear framework underlying the further activities of database construction, the collection of data on ‘critical turning points ‘ in TSI to fill it with, and the subsequent exploitation of the database to address researchers’ and practitioners’ knowledge interests. The deliverable thus provides a basis for the work done in the further WP5 process, which will officially end with a synthesis report (D5.4) in March 2017. Apart from this ground-laying function for the further WP5 process, this deliverable, however, also has a retrospective function, .

Secondly, it provides an underpinning of the metaanalysis, by relating this set-up to our overall research set-up and the many methodological choices that have been made in the first phase of TRANSIT research. Spelling out the TRANSIT research philosophy, the data collection and the theoretical understanding as they have developed, it becomes understandable why WP5 does not amount to a classical survey, why it focuses the meta-analysis on TSI processes, and why it seeks to develop a practically relevant database of ‘critical turning points’. [Extract from Introduction].


Pel, B., Bauler, T., Kemp, R., Wittmayer, J. M., Avelino, F. and Dorland, J. (2015) From research design to meta analysis guidelines. TRANSIT deliverable 5.1, TRANSIT: EU SSH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no: 613169.

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