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The fulltext search function implies you can find answers to specific topics.

 Advanced search tips

The formulation of the search is important. Some tips:

  • Use double quotation marks for a specific search term. For example: "FINANCIAL INVESTMENT" will find precisely those occurrences of these two words and in that sequence.
  • By contrast, searching for FINANCIAL INVESTMENT (without quotation marks in the search field) will result in a selection of all occurrences of one of these two words, as well as all exponents (variations) of these words (such as FINANCIALLY) that are in CTP database.
  • You can use Boolean operators such as + (AND). In this, example, searching for FINANCIAL + INVESTMENT (without double quotation marks) will produce a result including the first term 'financial' (or it's exponents) in combination with the occurrence of 'investment' (or it's exponents).
  • The use of double quotation marks will thus increase the precision of your search while without quotation marks the search will yield more results but precision will be less.


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