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TRANSIT Resources

TRANSIT resources provides an overview knowledge products generated by TRANSIT researchers. The overwhelming majority of these can also be accessed and downloaded from here. Resources include Edited volumes & special issues, Journal articles and book chapters, the TRANSIT working paper series, TRANSIT Briefs, TRANSIT Case Study Reports, TRANSIT Deliverables, Blog posts, News items and Video’s.

If you are looking for a complete overview of the resources produced in TRANSIT you can use this document with a list of all our publications (PDF).

Edited volumes & special issues as well as Journal articles & book chapters are peer-reviewed scientific outputs that have been published based on the work in TRANSIT.

The Working Papers Series were produced to provide accelerated access for the public to research generated by TRANSIT researchers.  It presents research results that in whole or part are suitable for submission to a scientific journal or book.

Another interesting take away are the TRANSIT Briefs, which focus on social innovation practices and related topics and are aimed at a broader audience. Briefs are based on theoretical and empirical insights in our work with social innovation networks and initiatives.

We have produced more than 20 TRANSIT case study reports that give in-depth insight in the dynamics of transformative social innovation. Additionally we have studied timelines of development paths of more than eighty (80) social innovation initiatives, which are local manifestations of the 20 social innovation networks that we have studied in-depth. The timelines with rich descriptions of the critical turning points (CTP) are openly accessible via the CTP-database.

Throughout the project phases diverse Deliverables were produced in the various Work Packages. These include training tools; workshop reports; position, discussion or working papers etc.

Our Blog posts and other outputs including News items and Video’s are accessible outputs that are often co-produced with various social innovation partners.


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