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Key Take Aways

TRANSIT aims at making its generated knowledge easily accessible to the interested public. Thus, take aways - downloadable knowledge products - generated by TRANSIT researchers can be accessed in this section. These include Working Papers, Deliverables and Practice Briefs.

The Working Papers Series intends to provide accelerated access for the public to research generated by TRANSIT researchers.  It presents (intermediate) research results that in whole or part are suitable for submission to a scientific journal or book.

Throughout the project phases diverse Deliverables are produced in the various Work Packages. These can include training tools; workshop reports; position, discussion or working papers etc. 

Another interesting take away is the Practice Briefs, which focus on social innovation practices and related topics. Briefs are generated based on real cases of social innovation networks studied by TRANSIT researchers.

If you are looking for an easy way to reference TRANSIT papers, you can use this document with a list of all our publications (PDF - updated every six weeks). 

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