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The diversity of social innovation initiatives: tags and themes

This section shows you which tags and themes we used for the analysis of the critical turning points. By clicking on a theme or a tag, you will see the social innovation initatives that were associated with these.

It provides you with a dynamic overview of all initiatives and demonstrates the rich diversity of all initiatives in this database.

Would you like to search through all social innovation initiatives and their critical turning points? Then go to 'search by keyword' and select all tags relevant to your search. Another option is to do a full text search.



Theme 1: Kinds of actors, organizations and institutional logics interacted with Academic organizations Religious organizations Civil Society organizations Hybrid/3rd sector organizations Platforms NGOs Social movements Political Parties Media Unions Social enterprises For-profit enterprises Local/regional government Regional organizations National government Supranational government Other initiatives International networks Institutional void Theme 2: Kinds of social innovation at issue Social-technical relations Social-ecological relations Social-economic relations Social-spiritual relations Social-spatial relations Interpersonal relations New Knowing New Doing New Organizing New Framing Theme 3: Ways of relating to the social- material context & dominant institutions Challenging institutions Altering institutions Replacing institutions Providing alternatives to institutions Experimenting Networking Imitating Lobbying Connecting Evangelizing Adapting Assimilating Isolating Formalizing Theme 4: Empowerment, Tools and Resources Finance Expertise ICT tools Monitoring Reputation/legitimacy Legal status Inclusiveness Motivation Internal decision-making Competence development Identity Values Business models Accommodation/housing Theme 5: Dynamics Radicalization Compromise Re-orientation Emergence Standstill Barriers & setback Breakthrough Repetition-of-moves Positive side-effects Negative side-effects Confusion & chaos Things coming together Dilemma Resignation Re-invigoration Internal crisis Societal crisis

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