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TRANSIT WP3 deliverable D3.4 - consolidated version of TSI theory : deliverable no. D3.4

Authors: Haxeltine, Alex, Pel, Bonno; Dumitru, Adina; Kemp, René; Avelino, Flor; Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard; Wittmayer, Julia; Kunze, Iris; Dorland, Jens and Bauler, Tom
Publication date: 2017
Keywords: theory, Transformative Social Innovation

The purpose of this deliverable (D3.4) of the TRANSIT research project is to report on the development of a consolidated version of a middle-range theory of transformative social innovation (TSI). Deliverable D3.3 presented prototypes of elements of a middle-range theory of TSI (Haxeltine et al 2016a, and the TRANSIT working papers Haxeltine et al 2016b, 2016c).

The central part of this deliverable presents both the final set of propositions and a summary of the eventual theoretical and conceptual framework that was co-designed alongside them. Together they represent a presentation of an ambitious and wide-ranging body of empirically-grounded theory development on social innovation and transformative change: a middle-range theory of transformative social innovation. A next step is to develop a succinct presentation of the central elements of the resulting middle-range theory in the form of a key journal article; chapter 8 of this deliverable presents a draft of such an article.

The deliverable is structured as follows. Chapter 2 provides an introduction to the original methodology that we employed in developing a middle-range theory of TSI. Two submitted journal articles that further present and evaluate our theory-development methodology, are included in Annexes to this deliverable. Chapter 3 provides a brief presentation of the consolidated version of the theoretical and conceptual framework for TSI that has been developed in the project, and used in developing the set of propositions on the agency and dynamics of TSI that are presented in chapters 4-7. Chapter 8 draws upon this set of propositions to present a synthesis of the resulting middle-range theory of TSI. Finally, chapter 9, presents a brief overall conclusion to the deliverable, including some reflections on avenues for future research.


Haxeltine, A., Pel, B., Dumitru, A., Kemp, R., Avelino, F., Jørgensen, M. S., Wittmayer, J., Kunze, I, dorland, J. and Bauler, T. (2017) TRANSIT WP3 deliverable D3.4 - consolidated version of TSI theory : deliverable no. D3.4, TRANSIT: EU SSH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no 613169.

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