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Concept, methodology and disclaimer

If you are interested in the theoretical, conceptual and methodological background of this database, we suggest you read the working paper 'The Critical Turning Points database; concept, methodology and dataset of an international Transformative Social Innovation comparison', by Pet et al. (2017). The paper presents the TRANSIT open-access online database on Critical Turning Points (CTP) in Transformative Social Innovation. It specifies the contents of the database, comprising qualitative accounts of more than 450 ‘critical’ episodes in the evolution of social innovation initiatives in 27 different countries. Providing the theoretical-methodological context to these data, the paper also describes the theoretical background of the CTP concept and the methodology though which the CTP accounts have been reconstructed through interviews with members of SI initiatives. The paper concludes with reflections on the open access CTP database as a knowledge infrastructure, discussing its significance in terms of mapping, dissemination and framing of social innovation.

If you are interested in the initial development of the critical turning points data repository, we suggest you read the blog 'Critical Turning Points data repository started: On breakthroughs, setbacks and surprises in processes of Transformative Social Innovation', by Pet et al. (2015).

The data presented in this database relies on interview data and interpretations of those data by TRANSIT researchers.  

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