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The TRANSIT project has been completed!

In December 2017, this website was converted into an online archive. It provides you with access to the research results, the critical turning points database and other resources produced between 2014 and 2017.

In the TRANSIT project, we have set out to develop a theory on ‘Transformative Social Innovation’. This is a process of changes in social relations, involving the challenging, altering and/or replacing of dominant institutions and structures.

A Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation

In these times of transition and uncertainty people long for new positive futures. They often look to established institutions and traditional leaders but these seem to be unable to break away from existing power structures, an unsustainable economic model and ineffective policy approaches. With the Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation we want to redirect attention to the emerging movement of transformative social innovation: communities and individuals across the world that are making change on the ground. 

A Theory of Transformative Social Innovation

For more information about the results from the theory development.

TRANSIT en Español

The TRANSIT project has developed several outputs and resources in Spanish. More

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