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We are developing a theory on Transformative Social Innovation that is a process of change in social relations, involving new ways of doing, organizing, framing and/or knowing. 

Transformative Social Innovation challenges, alters and/or replaces dominant institutions and structures.

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30 years BIEN – Basic income, a utopia for our times?

October 19 2016

On Saturday October 1st 2016, the Basic Income Earth Network celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Catholic University of Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). .. More

Social innovation narratives towards a new economy

October 10 2016

Who is driving change towards a new economy, how and where is this change initiated? That is what we explored during a drizzling Friday afternoon, at the IABR-2016-next economy... More

TRANSIT Newsletter 3rd Edition

July 6 2016

As we were writing our previous newsletters, the trees were shedding their leaves; now they are in full foliage, announcing the warmest of seasons – at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But before the holidays set in, we would like to share a bit of summer reading, whether for the beach or the office... More



Transformations 2017

August 30 2017 at 01:00, Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR) University of Dundee, Scotland, UK More


From Emergences to Recognition - Paths of Innovation

April 6 2017 at 09:00, Montreal, Canada More


“Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation” (ITSSOIN)

February 20 2017 at 11:30, representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels More


Unconditional Basic Income: A Case of Social Experimentation

December 6 2016 at 20:00, Impulse, gebouwnummer 115, Stippeneng 2, 115, 6708 WE, Wageningen More

TRANSIT highlights

Social Innovation

Social innovation refers to new social practices, including new ideas, new models, new rules, new social relations, new services and/or new products. More


(Dis)empowerment is a process in which people gain (or loose) the feeling (or idea) that they can influence their surroundings and the direction of events. More

(Transnational) Network

A (transnational) network is a collection of initiatives that are somehow linked to each other. This network may be crossing national borders. More

Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs are actors using business skills and knowledge to create an enterprise that is commercially viable while also accomplishing a social purpose. More

Game Changers

Game changers are macro-trends that are perceived to change the 'rules', 'players' and the 'game' of societal interaction. Think about the ICT-revolution and the financial ‘crisis’. More

Societal Transformation

A societal transformation is a fundamental and persisting change at the level of societies. Examples are the industrial revolution and European integration. More


Monitoring is the process that actors use to evaluate or assess the impact/progress of their initiative/network. More


Resourcing is to the process by which actors acquire the resources they need. These may be financial resources, but also artefacts, information or ‘human resources’. More


Governance refers to broader processes of governing (regulating, decision-making, steering) by all types of actors. This includes, but is not confined to government. More

Social Learning

Social learning refers to the process through which people and groups learn from each other in varying social contexts. More

System Innovation

System innovation is change at the level of societal sub-systems, meaning institutions, social structures and physical infrastructures. More

Narrative of Change

A narrative of change is a discourse on change and innovation, i.e. a set of ideas, concepts, metaphors, narratives and/or story-lines about change and innovation. More

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