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The TRANSIT working paper series

The TRANSIT Working Paper Series aims to accelerate the public availability of research undertaken by TRANSIT researchers. It presents research results that in whole or part are suitable for submission to a scientific journal or book. It also considers those articles, which are appropriate for submission to (scientific) conferences, workshops or symposia. Our intention is to provide early access to TRANSIT research.  

1. Game changers and Transformative Social Innovation : the case of the economic crisis and the new economy

2. The institutionalization of Social Innovation : between transformation and capture

3. Transitions towards new economies? A transformative social innovation perspective

4. Narratives of change : how social innovation initiatives engage with their transformative ambitions

5. A framework for Transformative Social Innovation 

6. Just do it! Shifting dimensions of social innovation in Basic Income advocacy and experiments

7. On the agency and dynamics of transformative social innovation 

8. "New economic" logics and urban sustainability transitions

9. Transformative change for inclusive society : insights from social innovations and implications for policy innovation and innovation policy

10. The Critical Turning Points database; concept, methodology and dataset of an international Transformative Social Innovation comparison

11. Social innovation resourcing strategies and transformation pathways : a first-cut typology

12. Success case examples of sustainable social innovation : resourcing strategies in the United States

13. Are social impact bonds a viable resource for social innovations? : a brief discussion paper 

14. A review of evaluation methods relevant for social innovation : with suggestions for their use and development

15. The emergence of social innovation : a translocal perspective

16. Towards a TSI theory: a relational framework and 12 propositions


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