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The institutionalization of Social Innovation : between transformation and capture

Authors: Pel, Bonno and Bauler, Tom
Publication date: 2014
Keywords: Transformative Social Innovation, governance, research

The paper is a position paper on governance, a transversal research theme in the TRANSIT project. It was written to stage a discussion during a workshop on institutionalization of social innovation, held October 27th in Brussels, Belgium.

The paper highlights that social innovation, whether transformative or not, is a collective process involving diverse social actors. Social innovation proves relevant to diverse actors and institutional logics, and is translated by those in divergent ways. This results in contestation, and in a dialectical process in which transformative moments and capture alternate. The paper provides a conceptual framework for TSI governance, and formulates questions for further research on TSI governance and management.


Pel, B. and Bauler, T. (2014) The institutionalization of social innovation : between transformation and capture (TRANSIT working paper ; 2), TRANSIT: EU SSH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no. 613169.

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