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CTP Database

In TRANSIT we have studied timelines of development paths of more than eighty (80) social innovation initiatives, which are local manifestations of the 20 social innovation networks that we have studied in-depth. Those timelines are constructed around Critical Turning Points (CTPs), which are breakthroughs, setbacks and surprises that form the basis for decisive changes for the social innovation initiatives. We have made the timelines accessible via a database.

We have also analysed the data and the analysis of the Critical Turning Points of these initiatives is available in Pel et al (2017) the 'Synthesis report: meta-analysis of critical turning points in TSI', which is the TRANSIT Deliverable 5.4 . This analysis has contributed to the consolidation of a Theory for Transformative Social Innovation. There is more information available on the methodology and approach in the TRANSIT working paper 10, by Pel et al (2017) which is called 'The critical turning points database: concept, methodology and dataset of an international Transformative Social Innovation comparison'. 

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