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TRANSIT deliverable 2.3 : social learning for transformative social innovation

Authors: Dumitru, Adina; Lema-Blanco, Isabel; Mira, Ricardo-García, Kunze, Iris; Strasser, Tim and Kemp, René
Publication date: 2016
Keywords: literature review, social change, social learning, Transformative Social Innovation

This deliverable focuses on the topic of social learning and transformative social innovation (TSI) and contains: (1) a Working Paper on Social Learning for Transformative Social Innovation; (2) a synthesis of the Third Integration Workshop; (3) a paper on Inner Transformations : Dimensions, Practices and Facilitation; and (4) Insights on Social Learning for Transformative Social Innovation Practice.


Dumitru, A., Lema-Blanco, I., Mira, R-C., Kunze, I., Strasser, T. and Kemp, R. (2016) Social learning for transformative social innovation, TRANSIT deliverable 2.3. TRANSIT:EU SSH.2003.3.2-1 Grant Agreement n.613169.

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