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The eco-district of Vauban and co-housing project of GENOVA

Authors: Kunze, Iris and Philipp, Andrea
Publication date: 2016
Keywords: case_studies, co-housing, co-operatives, Germany, narratives of change

This is an extract of the TRANSIT research report on the global co-operative housing movement, the housing cooperative El Hogar Obrero in Buenos Aires, Argentinia and the eco co-housing district Vauban in Freiburg, Germany. This chapter focuses on the latter.


Kunze, I. and Philipp, A. (2016) The eco-district of Vauban and the co-housing project GENOVA. In : Picabea, F., Kunze, I., Bidinost, A., Philipp, A. and Becerra L. Case study report : Cohousing, TRANSIT: EU SSH.203.3.2-1 Grant agreement no. 613169.

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