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L'Université libre de Bruxelles

Publication date: 2014

The Université libre de Bruxelles has 13 faculties, schools and specialized institutes that cover all the disciplines, closely combining academic input and research. It offers almost 40 undergraduate programmes and 235 graduate programmes. It also partners 20 Doctoral schools, with almost 1,600 PhD in progress.

One of the University's main aims is to give its students a solid foundation in critical thinking as well as a taste for research, while at the same time catering to the needs of new publics

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Centre d'Etudes du Développement Durable (CEDD), Institut de Gestion de l' Environnement et d' Aménagement du Territoire (IGEAT). Belgium. The Institute for Environmental Management and Land-use Planning (Institut de Gestion de l'Environnement et d'Aménagement du Territoire - IGEAT) engages in interdisciplinary research in the areas of the environment, spatial and regional planning,  and tourism, and coordinates university teaching at the Master’s and doctoral levels in environmental studies and tourism. Since 2006, the Institute is a department of the Faculty of Sciences of the Université Libre de Bruxelles


Bonno Pel, Tom BaulerGregoire Wallenborn

Main activities

The ULB-CEDD researchers are leads in the work package on meta-analysis of TSI processes, and also support the in-depth case studies undertaken under work package 4.  Their contribution to the TRANSIT project is thus mainly focused on the methodology development, gathering of empirical data and analysis/deployment of empirical findings. ULB also leads the cross-cutting theme on governance, an important and truly transversal theme in the overall development of TSI theory.

Recent TRANSIT-related publications

Wittmayer, J.M., Avelino, F., Backhaus, J., Pel, B. & Strasser, T. (2015). Transforming the World? How Networks with Transformative Ambitions engage with Narratives of Change, Paper presented at Pressure Cooker workshop “Theories of change in sustainability transitions”, University of A Coruna (ESP), 10-11th of September 2015

Avelino, F. et al. (2015), Transitions towards ‘New Economies’? A Transformative Social Innovation Perspective, paper presented at 6th International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference, Sustainability Transitions and Wider Transformative Change Historical Roots and Future Pathways, 25th – 28th August 2015, Brighton, University of Sussex Campus (Falmer), UK

Pel, B. & Bauler, T. (2015), Charting novelty or inventing realities? Framing aporias of social innovation research, paper for Interpretive Policy Analysis conference, Lille 8-10 July 2015

Pel, B. & Bauler, T., (2015), Governing Transformative Social Innovation: Capture dynamics in the Social Solidarity Economy, 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development; How to accelerate the transition? 20-22 May 2015, Bruxelles/Louvain-la-Neuve

Pel, B. (ed.), Kemp, R., Zuijderwijk, L., Dorland, J., Wittmayer, J., Browne, N., Bauler, T., Jørgensen, M. & Strasser, T. (2015), Configuring the Critical Turning Points data repository - TRANSIT Deliverable 5.2, TRANSIT: EU

Pel, B., Wallenborn, G. & Bauler, T. (under review), Changing the game by recruiting the players: Social innovation implications of the Belgianelectricity black-out threat, Ecology & Society

Social Innovation Networks researched: Together with AAU; “INFORSE”. Together with UDC; “RIPESS”. Together with UM, ULB has recently started empirical study of “BIEN“.  

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