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Deliverable no. 6.7 : Social innovation evaluation tool : critical turning points and narratives of change

Authors: Ruijsink, Saskia; Olivotto, Veronica; Taanman, Mattijs; Cozan, Stefana; Weaver, Paul; Kemp, René and Wittmayer, Julia
Publication date: 2017
Keywords: critical turning points, evaluation, narratives of change, social innovation, training_material, Transformative Social Innovation

This is Deliverable 6.7. It presents an approach for evaluating (transformative) social innovation. It does this by focusing on the narratives of change of social innovation initiatives as well as the critical turning points that happened during the journey of (transformative) change in which the initiatives engaged. The text introduces and contextualizes the tool. It explains how this tool can be used in training. Additionally it presents the tool itself, a PowerPoint for trainers, and it also includes the background document produced in WP2 (part of deliverable 2.5). This tool targets social innovators or enablers of social innovation and their partners. More specifically: 

  • Social Innovators who want to use evaluation approaches for evaluating dynamic processes in dynamic circumstances. It is particularly relevant for social innovation initiatives that are relatively new and/or in an explorative stage, or those that are evolving strongly and that are facing major internal or external changes.  
  • Policy makers who are interested to learn more about (evaluating) complex and chaotic change processes (for the sake of development). Researchers who want to work with and for social innovations, reflecting with them on the processes of their innovation (action research). How can initiatives be more effective? How to utilize resources better?
  • Trainers working in the context of social innovation. Trainers can use this tool in their training activities for innovators and their partners who want to learn more about Monitoring & Evaluation of (transformative) social innovation.

This tool is primarily an ‘action tool’, but we also developed material that supports its use in training. 


Ruijsink, S. and Olivotto, V. (eds.), Taanman, M., Cozan, S., Weaver, P., Kemp, R., and Wittmayer, J. (2017) Deliverable no. 6.7 : Social innovation evaluation tool, critical turning points and narratives of change, TRANSIT: EU SSH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no: 613169.

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