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Deliverable no. 6.6 : Training tool on "Resourcing for SI initiatives"

Authors: Becerra, Lucas and Juarez, Paula
Publication date: 2017
Keywords: resourcing, social innovation, training_material, Transformative Social Innovation

This Training Tool on “Resourcing for SI Initiatives” has as main objective to conceptualize the design of resourcing strategies useful for practitioners. It is the last one of a set of innovative training proposals. During the last three and half years, we learnt about the implications of different types of pedagogical instruments, including the usability of the new knowledge generated in the TRANSIT Project. In this way, this training tool aims to complement the Training Tools on Social Learning (D.6.5) and Monitoring (D.6.7). This is why the Training Tool for Resourcing has a modular structure. The secondary objectives of the Training Tool are:

  • Generate skills in the assessment of resourcing problems at different levels: i) monetary
    resources; ii) human resources; iii) collective and individual resources; iv) internal and
    external resources; and v) technological (soft and hard) resources;
  • 2. Define strategies in order to deploy different models of resource management for SI
  • 3. Deploy a learning methodology in order to solve new resource problems and improve
    the general strategy.


Becerra, L. and Juarez, P. (2017) Deliverable no. 6.6 : Training tool on "Resourcing for SI initiatives", TRANSIT: EU SHH.2013.3.2-1 Grant agreement no: 613169.

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