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Paul Weaver

Paul Weaver



Tel: +33 (0)750801174

Paul Weaver is Professorial Research Fellow at ICIS, NL. He is also an Adjunct Professor at LUCSUS, Lund University, Sweden. Trained originally as ageographer (BA Hons., Geography, First Class, University of Durham, 1978), Paul obtained his Ph.D. from the Institute for Transport Studies (Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds, 1984). He has worked previously at the University of Leeds (1981-87), IIASA (1987-1992), INSEAD (1993-1995), and the University of Durham (1995-2006). He is an economic geographer with special interest in cross-cutting issues and integrative methodological approaches, such as systems analysis, industrial ecology, ecological economics, sustainability assessment, innovation, and transition analysis. He has strong interests in the relationships between innovation systems and sustainability transition and has authored or edited several books on the issues involved, including Sustainable Technology Development (2000) and Eco-Restructuring (1998). He was also a mentor to the award-winning Natural Edge Project Team as well as a contributor to their book The Natural Advantage of Nations (2005). Over a thirty-year career Paul has been a principal or lead investigator for many national and international projects, beginning from the MITorchestrated project on the Future of the Automobile in the early 1980s. He currently contributes to four FP7 Projects. He edits Resources, Conservation & Recycling and Sustainability Science.

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