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Who were part of the knowledge group?

Feedback and interactive research were among the main principles of the TRANSIT project. To achieve this, we worked together with a Knowledge Group of practitioners, academics and policy makers working in social innovation. This group formed organically as the project unfolded. The members of this group represent expertise various social innovation-fields.

Knowledge Group Members


Marlieke Kieboom

Field worker, researcher and concept designer in the field of academia and governance


Marlieke Kieboom (MSc Anthropology-Utrecht University; MA Conflict and Governance-Simon Fraser University) is a field worker, researcher and concept designer in the field of academia and governance. 

She sets up and runs public sector innovation labs between local governments, well being organisations and universities for/with citizens in the Netherlands. Marlieke also designs collaborative learning environments for social innovation practitioners, such as 'The Wicked Series' and 'Lab2: a Lab about Labs' and develops new research methodologies in the social sciences, such as Dynamic Evaluation and Feed Forward Stories. She is a (co-)author of several publications: "Lab Matters" (2014), "Lab Craft" (2014) and "Lab Practice".

Marlieke's motivation to be a part of this group is to learn from/with her peers and unusual suspects about doing better research in the field of social innovation. She will contribute with links, contacts, opportunities to engage and constructive, razor sharp thoughts. 


Augusto Gutierrez

Facilitator and colaborative process designer


Augusto Gutierrez is an educator interested in people and organisational development. Working as a facilitator and collaborative process designer, his goal is to foster social innovation and collective intelligence inside and among organisations (NGOs, public and private sector). He has participated and created different kinds of experiments on collaborative economy (such as GOMA anda Catete92, in Rio de Janeiro) and now is responsible for Sputnik, an 'organisational learning' branch of Perestroika, a school for creative activities present in several cities in Brazil.

Usando como ferramentas o diálogo, a cocriação, a facilitação gráfica, a gestão da inteligência coletiva e o design thinking, junto a empreendedores sociais, clientes corporativos (Natura, TIM, Fundação Telefonica, Petrobras, PUC-Rio) e governamentais, como SEBRAE e Rio Criativo. Colabora também com organizações que atuam em redes de inovação e aprendizagem como Estudio PIRA (RJ), Casa GOMA (RJ), Casa Liberdade (RS), Laboriosa89 (SP).


Remko Berkhout

Process-facilitator and advisor

Tel: +436604693078

Remko works as a process-facilitator and advisor with activists and institutions aspiring systemic change. His passion is to enable learning, innovation and collaboration to enlarge impact of innovation processes.

He developed his main body of practice working as a manager and advisor to local and international development NGOs in Southern Africa, Bangladesh, India and Mozambique. From 2009 onwards, Remko led the Civic Explorations programme at Hivos, with on of the main objectives being to develop a social innovation strategy and to build up a social innovation practice. This included a lot of work on innovation labs and new social innovation methodologies Now based in Austria, he accompanies teams and organizations as a critical friend, co-design programmes, broker partnerships and facilitate learning experiences.


Sarah Bird

CEO of Timebanking UK

Tel: +44 1453750952

Sarah Bird is the CEO of Timebanking UK, the only membership charity in the UK helping to support the development and growth of the timebanking movement.  One of our aims is to work in collaboration with other organisations who have a similar mission and those who can help us to evidence the health and wellbeing benefits of timebanking to individuals and communities.  Sarah is keen that Timebanking UK both learn from others and share the best practice of activities happening in the UK from the 31,000 people currently involved in timebanking.



Linda Hogan

Co-Founder of the hOurworld cooperative


Linda began working in human services in 1990 in New Hampshire, USA.  Her career evolved in alignment with her personal and family interests, from education, outreach/activism, storytelling, administration, public speaking, legislative interactions and circle leadership.  Linda directed several non-profit organizations that were, as is customary, dependent upon state, federal, local, private and fee paying funds for operation.  There was never enough money to meet the needs of the clients or co-workers.  

In her early twenties Linda realized that developing social enterprises was a way to engage "clients", staff and the community while promoting the mission and filling budget gaps.  Coloring outside the lines 30 years ago was considered radical.  Now it is appreciated and desirous for replication. It's the new, old way of involving everyone by utilizing the gifts, present and dormant, instead of reacting to perceived shortcomings or lack.  Linda believes that she has stories to contribute and wants to listen and learn about other approaches, and meet creative believers.



David Boyle



David is a journalist and writer and co-director of the New Weather Institute. He became interested in social innovation when he was launching the time banks movement in the UK, and have been fascinated with the barriers to structural change since then, especially in public services



Pedro Manuel Sasia



Pedro Manuel Sasia (Peru) has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country. During 20 years, he developed his professional activity in the industrial sector, mainly in the fields of water treatment and occupational health. In 2004 took a position as researcher and professor of the Centre for Applied Ethics of the University of Deusto in Bilbao, responsible of the “organizational ethics” research line.

By joining the Knowledge Group he hopes to become a part of various TRANSIT workshops and events, get in touch with other social innovation practitioners as members and stay updated with information about interesting developments in the social innovation field.



Laura Catana

Social Intrapreneur at Ashoka


Laura is an energetic social intrapreneur at Ashoka, a global community of more than 3300 social innovators implementing radically new and system-changing solutions to social problems across the world. At Ashoka, she coordinates “THIS WORKS” initiative, supports the scale-up of innovative solutions for employment in Southern Europe and develops the Fellowship support program for social entrepreneurs in Italy.

As member of Transit KG, she is eager to discuss with other practitioners and researchers in the field of social innovation how we can create an ecosystem that enables existent solutions to empower people and generate a framework change.



Tunde Kallai

Senior Expert in Open Innovation

Tel: +41 78 8343104

Mrs Tunde Kallai is a Senior Expert in Open Innovation. She was one of the founders of the European Network of Living Labs (2015) and she established 14 living labs in 6 countries, in Europe, Africa and Middle East. She is regional manager of the Linkedin self-community called: Open Innovation for Developing Countries and  she is an European Startup Advisor. Her main motivation is to share herknowledge within the KG network and to involve them into new targeted countries and regions and also  to find some new challenging Research and Innovation topics and activities in Social Innovation.


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