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Noel Longhurst

Noel  Longhurst



Tel: +44(0)1603 591385

My work focuses on socio-technical change with a particular focus on energy and economic systems. I have a particular research interest in the spatialities of innovation, the governance of technological change, and the role of civil society in innovation and transition processes. Empirically, my research has focused on energy transitions, complementary currencies, the Transition Towns movement, alternative places, and alternative food initiatives. Since completing my PhD in Geography (University of Liverpool) at the end of 2010 I have worked as a Senior Research Associate on two projects at the UEA. Realising Transition Pathways, an interdisciplinary consortium which has elaborated indicative possible future pathways for the UK electricity system. A particular focus of my work has been to deepen the project’s understanding of actor dynamics within transition processes, with a particular focus on the roles of civil society. Previously, I was employed on Grassroots Innovation: Complementary Currencies project. This project drew on insights from the sustainability transitions literature l to explore the scope and scale of the global complementary currency movement and its prospects for stimulating systemic change.

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