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Julia Wittmayer

Julia Wittmayer


Scientific coordinator/ Researcher

Tel: 0031 – 10 40 88899

Together with Flor, Julia is scientific co-coordinator of TRANSIT and will be involved in research activities in a number of work packages.

Julia works as senior researcher at DRIFT, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.With a background in Social and Cultural Anthropology, her research focuses on social innovation and social sustainability in urban areas and on local scale. Next to this, she has experiences in monitoring and evaluation in a transition context on the small scale (i.e. with transition initiatives in urban neighbourhoods) as well as on the national scale (i.e. with transition programs in agriculture, mobility and healthcare). Theoretically, she is interested in the roles, social relations and interactions of actors involved in sustainability transition (management) processes and initiatives. One of her foci is on the role of research(ers) in these processes. As part of DRIFT’s Transition Academy, Julia also lectures in a range of postgraduate courses on transitions and transition management in cities.

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