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Jason Chilvers

Jason Chilvers



Tel: +44(0)1603 593130

Jason is a Senior Lecturer in Environment, Science and Society in the 3S Group at UEA. He is an interdisciplinary social scientist working at the intersection between science and technology studies, geography, and environmental science.

His research spans governance, appraisal and public participation in relation to science, innovation and sustainability issues. He has been involved in developing new approaches to - and pioneering critical studies of - public engagement, reflexive governance and learning across the areas of energy, climate change, sustainability transitions, and emerging technologies (e.g. climate geoengineering, biotechnology). Jason has led research projects on these themes funded by ESRC, EPSRC, RCUK, the European Commission, BIS/Sciencewise, Defra, and UNEP. He currently leads 3S research on the EPSRC-funded Realising Transitions Pathways project, an interdisciplinary consortium developing and analysing possible pathways for low carbon energy transitions. Here a particular focus has been on developing a relational framework for understanding socio-technical change and deepening understandings of actor dynamics within transition processes, especially the roles of civil society. He has also published widely on the above themes in books, policy reports, and peer-reviewed international journals and is author (with Matthew Kearnes) of the book Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics (2014, Earthscan-Routledge). He directed a two-year ESRC seminar series on Critical Public Engagement in 2009-2011, and was appointed to the Royal Society Kohn Award Panel for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science in 2008.

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