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Flor Avelino

Flor Avelino


Scientific coordinator/ Researcher


Flor is scientific co-coordinator of the TRANSIT-project, particularly involved in synthesising empowerment insights (WP2), theoretical integration (WP3), and empirical case-studies on The Hub network and the eco-village movement (WP4/5).

At DRIFT, she has worked for the past 9 years as a senior researcher and lecturer, with a focus on the power and empowerment of civil society to self-organise social innovation and sustainability transitions. As the academic director of the Transition Academy, she strives to co-create new learning environments to challenge people to think and act for radical change. Flor’s dream is to found, live and work in a vibrant eco-community where daily life is intertwined with diverse forms of art, action research, and life-long-learning.

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