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Carley Pennink

Carley Pennink



Tel: 010 408 9852

Ms. Pennink (BA, BFA, MA) is the Head of International Projects and Advisory Services at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies. She worked for the first ten years of her career as an architect and planner and as a project manager in the field of urban and social housing development and inner city revitalization.

She joined IHS in 1994. At IHS, she leads the acquisition and management of the institute's project portfolio. Ms Pennink is a seasoned institutional development and capacity building specialist, with extensive experience providing advice to wide range of organisations in developing and transitional countries. She has led many institutional development projects in Africa, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. She trains, lectures and provides advisory services in the fields of:

  • Capacity building, training and human resources development
  • Public private partnerships and privatisation
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Good governance
  • Public management and organizational development
  • Improving quality and performance in infrastructure and service provision
  • Communication, conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Community based and participatory planning processes
  • Stakeholder management

Ms Pennink is currently completing her PhD at the Erasmus University on risk and trust in public private partnerships.

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