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TRANSIT Newsletter 2nd Edition

November 3 2015

With the mid-point of the project just around the corner, it’s been a flurry of activity to create a transformative autumn for practitioners of social innovation, policymakers and, last but certainly not least, researchers.

In cooperation with our sister project SI-DRIVE, we will bring together these three groups to explore how social innovation can lead to societal transformations through a rich offering of interactive sessions and networking opportunities at our mid-term conference. It will be hosted in the historical city of Vienna on 18-19 November. Before opening the conference, we will warm up at a SCORAI research workshop hosted by TRANSIT that focuses on understanding and achieving sustainable consumption through social innovation.

We are also stepping up efforts to communicate our findings through the publication of the first two TRANSIT Briefs. The first one, “Doing Things Differently”, shares some of our initial insights on the opportunities and challenges linked to transformative social innovation, whereas the second one focuses on its governance and politics. [The second brief will be available soon!]. The next brief will look at social learning. In parallel, we are launching a Work Papers Series, which aims to accelerate the public availability of TRANSIT research. You will find these in a dedicated section of the website.

Another cornerstone of TRANSIT is being built behind the scenes– a publicly-accessible database defining critical turning points in the lifetime of social innovation initiatives – you can read all about it in this newsletter. And, of course, the research continues throughout this period with the second batch of case studies including cases such as Basic Income, Participatory Budgeting, Slow Food and the Shareable Network. The research is well underway and we look forward to sharing the results with you in our next newsletter.

TRANSIT Newsletter - November 2015

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