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Final TRANSIT newsletter, December 2017

December 20 2017

After four years of TRANSIT, we round up with a resourceful final newsletter and best wishes for the upcoming holidays.

Since our previous newsletter, we have been tying the loose ends and prepared for the project closure. To allow you free and open access to our research results and writings, our website has been shaped into an archive of resources. We hope you will use make use of these results, share them and help us make them worthwhile.  

In November, the Transformative Social Innovation Manifesto was released and has been endorsed by engaged organisations and individuals worldwide. We invite you to read it, get inspired and subsequently endorse and share it, so that we can contribute together to finding alternative solutions for current challenges in our society.

Furthermore, we have conducted a series of interviews with policy makers from various countries and we are very happy to share their key lessons regarding transformative social innovation – both in writing as well as via a last TRANSIT video.

With this last newsletter, we also share numerous readings. In the "Reading tips" section, you will find our final TRANSIT brief, which summarises the project and its ambitions. It describes how the research was conducted and offers key insights on various themes we explored. We have also published a new TRANSIT working paper synthesising our theoretical work into a relational framework and 12 propositions. In an effort to diversify our means of communication, we have also released an infographic, which illustrates our TSI theory described the aforementioned paper. 

In addition, we are proud to present the publication of two special issues and one book volume just before project closure. The book is the product of a fruitful collaboration between SCORAI Europe and TRANSIT titled “Social Innovation and Sustainable Consumption: Research and Action for Societal Transformation”, published by Routledge. The open access special issue of the journal Ecology & Society focuses on exploring the game-changers of our time and their relation with transformative social innovation. The second open access special issue, published with the European Public and Social Innovation Review, focuses on methodological challenges for social innovation research.

Last, but not least, we hope these resources serve as inspiration and fuel for the growing social innovation community and that we stay in touch in the journeys to come. 

Transformatively yours,
The TRANSIT-team

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