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Living Knowledge ‐ Science Shop DTU (Denmark)

Living Knowledge ‐ Science Shop DTU (Denmark)
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Science Shop DTU was based on the Dutch model, but evolved over the 25 years it was in operation. Unfortunately, it closed in 2012 when the coordinator of the shop moved to another university, but many of the activities started during its lifespan continue to some degree at this other university. It is interesting due to the long timeframe, as it is hoped that the impact in the form of transformative social innovations[1] can be more easily traced compared to newer initiatives. Science Shop DTU is also an example of how such initiatives handle social developments and game changers, as the “old” science shop countries in general have faced difficulties and been in decline. Science Shop DTU is the focus even though Denmark also had several other science shops, which all more or less became defunct several years ago.

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  • 1985

    The Foundation

    This CTP relates to the very first formalization of this type of activity at DTU, participatory research aiming to help civil society. The CTP can be said to be tied specifically to an application to the university senate.

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  • 1989

    Science Shop becomes permanent

    The first three years Science Shop DTU was running as a time-limited pilot project. After that period, the science shop applied for permanent funding, and the approval of that application is the core of this critical turning point.

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  • 1995

    The merger

    This CTP is about the merger of the Interdisciplinary Centre that Science Shop DTU was part of into a larger institute

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  • 1999

    The international project

    Prior to this CTP Science Shop DTU dit no have formal connection to any international network, it was only loosely defined as part of the science shop movement, even though they were inspired by the Dutch model.

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  • 2003

    SB is hired

    This Critical Turning point takes place around 2003-4 – and relates to a new staff member, SB, who starts upon her graduation from the university

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  • 2010-2012

    The closure

    This CTP relates to the closure of Science Shop DTU, ending its existence. It happened around 2010-2011. The CTP can be divided into two episodes, the loss of funding, the final closure resulting from the move of SSC and SB from the DTU to AAU

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