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Hackspace 3 (Southern England, UK)

Hackspace 3 (Southern England, UK)
Tags: Social-technical relations Replacing institutions Radicalization Networking ICT tools Hybrid/3rd sector organizations Expertise Experimenting Competence development Altering institutions

HS3 was founded in 2009 by members of the technology community in Southern England, who were initially motivated by creating space in which they could work on messy hardware projects outside of their homes. The city is home to both a large and successful creative, digital Information Technology sector and several higher education institutions, from whom many members come. Initially co-housed with a local co-working space, the hackspace later moved to larger premises on the outskirts of the city where they were able to house their larger tools and machines. Members of the space have taken leading roles in organizing the city’s Maker events and leading technology workshops. The organization has been instrumental in supporting the city’s artists in assisting them in developing the software and hardware for technically complex artworks.   


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