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Let's Liberate Diversity in Basel

Date interview: February 1 2016
Name interviewer: Janka Horváth
Name interviewee: Founder of Magház
Position interviewee: Founder of Magház

International networks Platforms Social-ecological relations New Organizing New Framing Networking Connecting Motivation Identity Re-invigoration

This is a CTP of initiative: Magház ‐ Seed House (Hungary)

The CTP consists of the impacts of Let's Liberate Diversity conference on Magház. 100 participants from different kind of European organisations attended the Let's Liberate Diversity conference in Basel. The conference was hosted by Pro Specie Rara. The programme consisted of different workshops in the field of genbank database, seed legislation, traditional breeds and fruit trees. "At the conference we introduced ourselves and presented an issue, a problem in connection with our organization." The conference was hosted by Pro Specie Rara, as a part of the programme the participants visited the organization’s garden and a farm where traditional breeds were nurtured. 


Csilla Kiss was the main organiser of the Let's Liberate Diversity conference and supported the presence of Magház. The interviewee met Dorottya Kiss there as Csilla helped them to come across each other. During this event the Magház team expanded with two more enthusiastic members, Hunor Török and Dorottya Kiss who are the leaders of the Bese Association. Magház and Bese Association have been cooperating since this event as their articulated goals harmonize to each other. By this organizational background – which Bese offers - Magház can apply for grants. 

Related events

According to the interviewee the most relevant related event was the International Meeting with Arche Noah because there they received plenty of impressions which inspired them to set up a similar organization in Hungary. "We felt that we need to set up a Hungarian organization which focuses on seed issues."


She mentioned that there was no contestation between the members of Magház during the event.


The CTP was understood as a turning point at the time when it happened as they attended this Let's Liberate Diversity conference already as representatives of Magház. "At that time we introduced ourselves as the members of Magház, also we wanted to gain some information regarding the improvements of our database."  finding certain answers to their questions mainly regarding the expansion of the database. In contrast with the previously attended international meetings, in Basel they had clearly defined objectives and represented Magház. 


They found this event as an excellent environment for learning new things and boosting their personal and professional networks. They were highly inspired by others and they received more energy to carry on their job. "It's always inspiring to me when I spend time with those people who are dedicated to local varieties."

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