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Sharing knowledge, spreading ideas

July 28 2014

Sharing knowledge among researchers, innovators, policymakers and others helps ideas to spread quickly. Therefore, we welcome you on this resource hub on transformative social innovation. Here, we share with you our resources and developing insight on the pressing issue of how social innovation empowers to transform societies. 

What can you find on our website? Through the map, a search bar and several themes you can enter the resource-hub. Depending on what you are looking for, we will point you in the direction of knowledge and information ranging from articles in academic journals to videos, websites and all kinds of documents on this topic. Whether you are a researcher, social innovator or policy-officer, we hope you will find resources that are useful to you in practice and/or for your interest(s). On the event-calendar, we are gathering interesting events – worldwide – so we will not just meet and share ideas through internet-based hubs, but also will have the possibility to share and learn in real life. On this blog, we will document news-items, visits to conferences, pressing issues, interviews and resources we believe are worth highlighting.

Our research into the (dis)empowerment of social innovation is on-going. And so is this resource hub. It is work in progress which will be continually updated. In the course of upcoming years, it will be transformed into a hub that helps you sharing and co-creating knowledge on the (dis)empowerment of transformative social innovation. So the resource hub will be just that: empowering and transformative.

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