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Press release: New TRANSIT Case Studies Online

February 19 2016

Further case studies enrich our understanding of the dynamics of social innovation and societal transformation.

TRANSIT researchers have just completed eight new case studies on transnational social innovation networks, bringing the total number of studied networks to 20 including 40 local manifestations spread across Europe and Latin America. Summary reports of the case studies are now online, but the full reports can be accessed directly through the respective authors until they are uploaded soon. 

Studied networks include:  

  1. Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)
  2. International Co-operative Association
  3. La Via Campensina
  4. Living Labs
  5. Participatory Budgeting
  6. Seed Exchange Movement
  7. Shareable – Sharing Cities
  8. Slow Food  

Case studies generate knowledge about the dynamics of social innovation and help understand whether and how such innovations foster societal transformation and empowerment. After studying 20 globally connected, locally rooted networks, and analysing 40 local manifestations, the researchers are now preparing a comparative report to synthesize insights for theory development. This feeds into the iterative set-up of the project, which seeks to create a mid-range theory of transformative social innovation built on parallel empirical and theoretical efforts.  

TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) is developing a theory of transformative social innovation: a process through which social innovation contributes to transformative change.  

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