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New Training Tool on Learning for Transformative Social Innovation

December 15 2016

by Lucas Becerra (UNQ) & Linda Zuijderwijk (IHS)

Are you a student, public officer, municipal agent, teacher, or otherwise working with social innovation-processes ‘on the ground’? And interested in learning, collective problem-solving and gaining access to a set of tools and recommendations for designing learning processes?  

TRANSIT proudly presents its third training tool for transformative social innovation. This training tool focuses on "Building Learning for Transformative Social Innovation" and has as main objective to generate skills of conceptualization and design of learning strategies oriented to the resolution of problems by the practitioners.  

A tool for students, public officers, municipal agents and other practitioners

This tool defines a practitioner as any actor, social group, organization, movement or institution that operates on concrete local problems and builds strategies using social innovation to resolve them. The nature of practitioners is not explained by his or her place or initial membership but is defined by the type of action that any person performs. In short, everyone who engages at the local level is a practitioner. Thus, a university teacher-researcher, an undergraduate student, a public officer, a municipal agent, a researcher or extension worker from a science and technology institute, a peasant, a schoolteacher, a firefighter, a neighbour (among many other possible actors) can be  considered as being practitioners if they operate on specific dynamics and place-based processes promoting social innovation.  

It is your (trans) formative journey of learning

The pedagogical framework is based on a new methodology whereby the user constructs his own experiential journey on a particular thematic issue. In this sense, this Training Tool, is used directly by the user and culminates with a final evaluation. Furthermore, this training tool combines explanations using a Prezi that is linked to exercises throughout the training integrating audio-visual content with a selected bibliography.  

Learning from other practitioners

The audio-visual content allowed the integration of other ‘voices’ or points of view within the Training Tool. In particular, the points of view of those practitioners who undertake transformative social innovation projects. The idea is that the user of the tool identifies with the content, to the extent that part of the experience is reinforced.  

Theories, practical work and instruments to design and plan your (collaborative) learning for social innovation

This Training Tool has a modular structure. That is, the training has been developed through modules that can either be run incrementally or separately. The tool consists of three modules or parts. The first part is theoretical and analytical; the second part consists of a set of instruments to be used for designing and planning learning for social innovation and the third part is practical using audio-visual materials. The second part ends with an evaluation that aims to highlight the effectiveness of the training cycle.  

The contents of this tool are the result of research, communication and engagement products from the TRANSIT project. Without the work of more than two years of the entire Transit Consortium team, these contents would have been impossible to generate.

View the learning tool here!

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