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Call for cases: contribute to the selection of networks in round II!

March 13 2015

In our empirical work, we are interested in how transnational networks of social innovation do relate to change and innovation and how actors are empowered (or disempowered) therein. Currently we are analysing 12 networks, including The Impact-Hub, Ashoka, Time Banks, Credit Unions, RIPESS, Fablabs, Hackerspace, Living Knowledge Network, DESIS-network, Global Ecovillage Network, Transition Towns and INFORSE.

In a next phase of our iterative research project, we are looking for 8 additional transnational networks of social innovation to be studied empirically. In setting up our long-list we would like to build upon your knowledge as well: Which networks and movements can you think of? The networks and movements we can take into consideration need to fit a set of selection criteria, which are based on our initial empirical work, and on a number of theoretical and practical considerations.

The network or movement:

1.      facilitates social innovations in local sites and initiatives at least across Europe and Latin America

2.      has an internet presence with an international contact point

3.      engages with at least one of the following thematic clusters:

-          New economy (incl. sharing economy, social economy, social entrepreneurship, impact economy, crowd sourcing, gift economy, circular economy, collaborative economy)

-          Sustainability and resilience (incl. community resilience, renewable energies, autarchy, commons)

-          Inclusive society (incl. discourses around Big Society, participation society, retreat of the welfare state and issues of inclusion and exclusion)

-          Transformative science and education (incl. peer to peer, open source, open innovation, coproduction, science-society relations)

-          Spaces for/of innovation, both physical and imagined (e.g. ecosystems of innovation, incubators, reclaiming (public) space, geopolitical resistance, self-organisation, urban labs)

-          Maker-Movement (incl. craftsmanship, design, low tech grassroots development, digital fabrication)

Please leave your ideas in the box below to directly send them into our TRANSIT-mailbox. These will become part of our long-list of possible networks and movements. Before the summer we will be able to share with you news on the outcome of this selection process. Thank you in advance!

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