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Social Innovation Learning Relay #1 Transformative Impact

November 15 2017 at 09:30, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

You have the chance to be part of an experimental set up, in which a face-to-face thematic workshop, followed by an online learning relay will be combined. During the relay, participants will activate each other’s knowledge and networks to crowdsource input for each other’s challenges.

This November, the first Social Innovation Community (SIC) Relay kicks off with a full day workshop on the topic of Transformative Impact.
The ability to understand, report and communicate about impact is an increasingly relevant yet often underdeveloped competency. The workshop & relay will address this learning need, and focus on how social innovators can increase their transformative impact: the ability to challenge, alter or replace dominant ways of thinking, doing and organising.

For whom?
The workshop & relay are aimed at social innovation practitioners, policy makers and intermediaries with some years of experience and network connections to bring in. There are also a limited number of places available for starters and SIC network facilitators.


If you would like to take part in the relay, we kindly request you to apply via the online application form. You will be asked to provide a learning question that you want to bring in during the relay and motivate why you want to join. We will make a selection of (max 25) participants based on these applications.

Application deadline: Nov 1st 2017

SI Relay 2017 - Brochure

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