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European Day of Sustainable Communities

September 23 2017 at 11:00

The first European Day of Sustainable Communities will take place on the 23 September 2017, showcasing some of the many ground-breaking initiatives in communities across Europe that are leading the way towards a low-carbon, ecological future. Ecovillages, Transition initiatives, permaculture projects and many other citizen and community-led initiatives are at the forefront of developing and testing new and innovative approaches to sustainable living, covering a wide range of themes, from community energy, local food chains, sustainable mobility, eco-construction, local currencies, education for sustainable development and more. The European Day of Sustainable Communities will provide an opportunity to showcase this experience and to engage a much wider public (citizens, communities, policy makers, researchers, the business community, etc.) in building momentum towards a citizen-engaged, community-led transition. Achieving the ambitious climate targets agreed by governments, preserving natural resources and biodiversity and creating a fairer and more equitable future requires a fundamental shift in society. This process is already underway. Thousands of communities across Europe are transforming themselves from the bottom up and in so doing designing the blueprint for a much wider societal transformation. Now is the time to share this experience and be part of a global, citizen-engaged, community-led transition.

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